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Becoming an Undergraduate Music Major

2019 Audition Dates

Saturday, November 3 (NO COMPOSITION)

Saturday, December 1 (JAZZ & VOICE ONLY)

Saturday, February 2

Saturday, March 2


An audition is required for consideration of acceptance into all undergraduate music degrees.

Preparing for an Undergraduate Audition

Step 1

All BA - Music, BM - Music Studies, BM - Performance, and BS - Sound Recording Technology applicants must apply to Texas State

Apply to Texas State University through the Apply Texas application. Acceptance to the university does not have to be achieved prior to audition, but having the application in process is the best practice! The university acceptance process can take up to 8 weeks after the completed Apply Texas application is submitted. Pre-music is the major that students should select in the ApplyTexas application if they are interested in one of our 4 bachelor degree programs (BA - Music, BM - Music Studies, BM - Performance, or BS - Sound Recording Technology). Students interested in being considered for all Fall 2019 TXST academic scholarships must be admitted by December 15th, 2018. *Acceptance to the School of Music is contingent upon admission to the university! You must meet the university's admission standards. The School of Music cannot change a student's university admission decision.  

Step 2

Submit your online Audition Request through Acceptd including all required submissions outlined below based on your degree program. NOTE: Live auditions are preferred; however, if auditioning in person is not possible due to geographic distance from campus (out-of-state/international), select Media Only as your audition date. Then, attach a recorded video audition of the materials required by your instrument/voice part (see step 3) to your Audition Application Media tab.

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Step 3

Select your music based on the Audition Requirements for your primary instrument or voice part indicated in your application. BS - Sound Recording Technology and BM - Performance (Composition) applicants are required to complete an audition on their primary instrument or voice part in addition to their pre-screen video/portfolio submission.

Audition Day Information

  • 8:30am: Check-in begins
  • 9:15am: Auditions and SRT Interviews begin. Student guides lead tours of the Performing Arts Center.
    • Tours will leave from the School of Music lobby every 30 minutes until auditions conclude.
  • 9:30am: Parent/guardian question and answer session with the School of Music Director and Administrative Assistant (not available on November 3)

You will complete your performance audition for the faculty on your primary instrument/voice part for studio/degree plan acceptance consideration. If you are auditioning for Fall 2019 acceptance you will also be considered for School of Music scholarships at the same time (no additional application/procedure is required).

  • An aural diagnostic assessment of musicianship skills may be performed during your audition time
    • Be prepared to demonstrate your ability to:
      1. Match pitch - We play a pitch at the piano, and you sing the same pitch anywhere in your singing range.
      2. Compare two pitches played on the piano - Is the second pitch higher, lower, or the same as the first?
      3. Sing a major scale (in any key)
      4. Echo-sing a short tune
      5. Sing “Happy Birthday”
      6. Sight-sing a melody
      7. Echo-clap rhythmic patterns
      8. Sight-read a rhythm in 4/4 and in 6/8

Most of the above aural diagnostic activities require singing. If you are not a singer, you may want to practice these activities prior to the audition.

What to expect after your Audition

  • Acceptance to the School of Music is contingent upon admission to the University. NOTE: We highly recommend that you submit your TXST Apply Texas application prior to submitting your School of Music audition request and auditioning.
  • Results will be sent to you via the email address you entered in your Acceptd application within two to three weeks of your audition with one of three results: accepted, not accepted, or pending.
    • If you receive a pending letter, you are on a waiting list until a more definite decision can be made. A final result will be emailed to you when your status has been finalized to either accepted or not accepted. At the latest, you can expect to receive an update by the first week in April.
  • If you are accepted, we ask that you return your written acceptance of our offer as soon as possible. Note, per the National Association of Schools of Music, your written acceptance is not binding until May 1st. If a written acceptance is not received by then, we will assume that you will not be attending TXST and offer your space to a waitlist student on your instrument/voice.
    • You will be asked to indicate your top 2 applied lesson faculty choices if you are in an area with multiple instructors (clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, percussion, keyboard, violin, voice) and a written description of any/all communication and/or interaction (phone, email, or in person) you have had with that instructor. Indicating a professor as your top choice does not guarantee you a spot in their studio, but we will take your request into consideration when making studio decisions.
  • Music scholarship offers will be sent via email (may or may not be at the same time as your acceptance letter) as soon as a decision has been made. All School of Music scholarship offers will be sent to students by the end of March.
    • If you receive a music scholarship offer and wish to accept it, the letter must be signed and returned to the School of Music as soon as possible. Scholarship offers with any institution do not become binding until May 1st.
    • If you accept a music scholarship offer from another institution prior to May 1st and want to accept a music scholarship offer from TXST instead, you must notify the original institution prior to May 1st otherwise the TXST offer is void.
  • During your summer orientation, you will meet with an Undergraduate Advisor with music coursework knowledge to finalize your fall class schedule and make any changes to your  registration.

Music Auditions Contact Information

Krystyn Jensen

Phone: 512.245.7928