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Upper Level Competency Review



The Upper Level Competency Review occurs to ensure that music majors select and pursue the most suitable degree based on their abilities to ensure success in their chosen career path. A major-area committee (Music Studies, Sound Recording Technology, Classical Performance, Jazz Performance, Composition, or BA) will evaluate the student’s total performance and academic (music and core courses) records. The committee will then recommend whether or not the student may advance to junior level standing in the major area.

Components of the ULCR

Academic Review


Completion of Music Theory I - III
Completion of Aural Skills I - III
Departmental Recital (see individual pages for specific requirements)
Piano Proficiency (see individual pages for specific requirements)

Also Considered:

Grades in required ensembles (4 semesters for BM & BA; 3 semesters for SRT)
Grades in applied lessons
Progress in General Education Core Curriculum

Performance Jury

An extended jury that determines that the student meets proficient performance standards and a positive recommendation from the applied area faculty members.


First Attempt

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Second Attempt (if a deferral was given in your first attempt)