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School of Music Student Recital Checklist

1. Read the Student Handbook --> Recital Scheduling Procedures.

2. Select an available date/time on Reservation Calendar.
Click ”Reservation Calendar” and log in.

3. Verify that your instructor and accompanist will be available on the selected date/time.
    a. If “no”, repeat steps 2-3.
    b. if “yes”, (and it is on or past the date you are allowed to schedule a recital) reserve the selected date/time:
        (1). Music Building Recital Hall venue
              Click “MUS-RH Reservation Request Form”; log in 

        (2). Performing Arts Center Recital Hall venue (only if Graduate or Senior Recital)
            Click “PERF-RH Reservation Form”; log in.

        (3). Evans Auditorium venue (only if approved by Dr. Martin)
              Click “Evans Auditorium Reservation Request Form”; log in.

       (4). First Lutheran Church venue
             Contact Synthia

4. Wait for email from Synthia Shurtleff, stating whether or not the requested date/time is “tentatively scheduled”.
    a. If “no”, repeat steps 1-4.
    b. If “yes”, proceed to step 5.

5. Open/print Faculty Signature form; (download is automatic; check the downloads folder for receipt, or right-click to save)
        complete/obtain 3 faculty signatures
        Please note: You do not need to submit a new reservation to access this form).

6. Submit completed Faculty Signature form to Synthia Shurtleff in the Music Office (MUS 101).
    a. Confirmation email will be sent to you.
    b. Confirmation slips will be placed in the 3 faculty mailboxes.
    c. Recital will be added to the School of Music schedule and posted on the Events Calendar/ “Student Recitals”.

7. Schedule a recital hearing under the direction of your applied instructor. Did you pass your hearing?
    a. If “no”, contact Synthia Shurtleff ( immediately.
    b. If “yes”, proceed to step 8

8. IMMEDIATELY AFTER HEARING IS PASSED: Download Student Recital Program Template; insert personalized information; save;
send to your applied instructor for review/revision.

9 NO LATER THAN ONE WEEK PRIOR TO RECITAL: Send revised program as an attachment to Synthia Shurtleff at
    a. Synthia Shurtleff will make changes, if necessary, to the program and send it to you and to your applied instructor for final review.
    b. Once final approval is received from the instructor, Music Office personnel will prepare 78 programs (one for posting, two for file and 75 for the recitalist).

    a. Pick up programs (& key, if applicable);

11. ON DAY OF THE RECITAL, place programs at venue entrance.

    a. If venue is MUS RH, PERF RH, or Evans, obtain your CD copy from the recording technician. (One CD copy and 2 program copies will also be given to the Music Library by the recording technician).
    b. If venue is First Lutheran Church, put everything back the way you found it; turn off lights; lock doors.

        Return key to Synthia Shurtleff in the Music Office on the next business day.

        Leave one CD copy of your recital and two copies of your program in the Music Library.