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Becoming a Music Major


Audition and/or interview required for admission to all graduate and undergraduate programs.

2013-14 Audition Admission Schedule

Instrumental / Vocal / Keyboard:

November 2, 2013

February 1, 2014

March 1, 2014

March 22, 2014

Deadlines for receipt of audition request and all required documents
(resume & recommendation letters):
Sound Recording Technology majors - 4 weeks prior to the audition date
All other Music Majors - 2 weeks prior to the audition date


download a resume template here

Preparing for an Undergraduate Audition

  • Submit the Undergraduate Audition Application Request form (online application)
    • Applicants will be required to upload a current resume prior to submitting the audition application request form
  • Select your music suggested based on the Undergraduate Audition Repertoire requirements for your primary instrument or voice part based on your chosen major.
  • Contact recommenders and inform them they will receive an email request for a recommendation (see UnderGrad Admissions Checklist)
  • Students interested in Sound Recording Technology (SRT) must submit an additional application (see the SRT website for details)
  • Jazz Studies Majors must perform a separate jazz audition Brass instruments will include a classical audition (see the Jazz website for details)
  • On Audition Day you will perform on your primary instrument, as well as demonstrate your musicianship skills and knowledge of music theory fundamentals. All degree programs in the School of Music include courses in aural skills.  These courses are designed to increase your musical skills and your knowledge about how music “works”, about how composers combine scales and chords to create music; and so much more!
    In the Assessment of Musicianship Skills you will demonstrate your ability to:
  1. Match pitch - We play a pitch at the piano, and you sing the same pitch anywhere in your singing range.
  2. Compare two pitches played on the piano - Is the second pitch higher, lower, or the same as the first?
  3. Sing a major scale (in any key)
  4. Echo-sing a short tune
  5. Sing “Happy Birthday”
  6. Sight sing a melody
  7. Echo-clap rhythmic patterns
  8. Sight read a rhythm in 4/4 and in 6/8

 (Most of the above activities require singing.  If you are not a singer, you may want to “warm up the pipes” and practice these activities).

Preparing for a Graduate Audition/Interview

  • Audition Day Check-In:
    • Check-In will occur from 8:00am to 9:00am (those who check-in first, audition first)
  • Audition Day Schedule:
    • Instrumental auditions begin at 9:15am; vocal auditions begin at 9:30am
    • A parent/guardian question and answer session with the School of Music Director begins at 9:30am

NOTE: Live auditions are preferred, however, those prospective music students unable to audition in person due to geographic distance from campus may submit an audio CD or video DVD representative of their performing abilities.
Deadline for tape submission is March 1 (Fall admission) or November 1 (Spring admission).