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PACE Advisors

Chanell Goodright

Kristopher Infante

Bailey Estep


Undergraduate Academic Advisors

Kathryn Smiley

Debra Sowards




Graduate Academic Advisor

Dr. Al Corley


Advising Information

The PACE Center has three advisors, most familiar with the music degrees. PACE students should make an appointment with one of them if at all possible. They are JaCorey Mosley, Channel Goodright, and Chuck Lamar.

Fine Arts & Communication Advising Center students have two advisors who are skilled in music major degree advising and issues to help you – Kathryn Smiley and Debra Sowards (SRT students must meet with Debra). 

The Graduate Academic Advisor is Dr. Al Corley. He is here to help all graduate students with their schedule planning and degree/thesis completion.


Schedule an Appointment

PACE Center students call 512.245.PACE (7223)
Fine Arts & Communication students call 512.245.1932
Graduate students call 512.245.7387

An advising hold is placed on all music majors (regardless of classification or major; except graduate students) each semester and can only be released after you've attended your next semester's advising appointment (NOTE: any hold will prevent you from dropping a course in your current semester!).

Therefore, to make this process simple & painless, PLAN AHEAD! Schedule your advising session early. Have an idea what classes (especially general studies) you might want to take the next semester, the courses required of your degree (check your catalog), and what YOU want to take. Your advisor is here to help you. Help them help you!