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Texas State Music Ensembles
Making friends with people who share your love for music!

Some of the most enjoyable and memorable times you will have with the Texas State School of Music is performing with, and participating in the many and varied ensembles available. For example, the jazz combo performance in Chile, the Marching Band road trip to Florida, a choral festival in Europe, or the outdoor concert performed in a torrential downpour, you will remember your experiences forever.

Members of Texas State ensembles have the opportunity to perform throughout the United States and the world. All of our ensembles are open to any Texas State student. Some ensembles are only available after a placement audition which are held the beginning of each semester.


Ensemble Quick Links
BAND --> Athletic/Concert CHOIR --> Men's/Women's/Mixed
JAZZ --> Ensembles/Combos LATIN --> Mariachi/Salsa
OPERA --> Workshop/Theatre/Production ORCHESTRA --> Full/Chamber/String