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What is a String Project?

Cello Lesson
A cello student receives individualized instruction from a String Project teacher.

A string project is a university-sponsored program that seeks to enrich the cultural life of a community by training the next generation of string players an dteachers. In San Marcos, this means inviting area students in grades K-5 to visit our campus for classes and private lessons taught by Texas State string education students and supervised by Texas Sate string faculty members.

Although it is not common knowledge, Texas State University - then known as Southwest Texas State Teachers College - actually formed one of the nation's first string projects (before they were known as such) in the 1930s. Unfortunately, it did not remain active after World War II.

Just up the road, The University of Texas at Austin formed a string project in 1948 to address a shortage of string players and teachers following the war.  This successful and imaginative program inspired other universities to start string projects of their own, including The University of South Carolina in 1974. The USC String Project became the model for most of the 30-plus other string project sites currently operating within the National String Project Consortium (NSPC), a national organization that works to obtain funding for String Projects across the country.  In December 2010, the Texas State String Project joined the NSPC as a member site.