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Current Faculty

Faculty Directors

Dr. Ames Asbell, Director

Dr. Karla Hamelin, Suzuki Master Teacher

Dr. Rebecca Tast, Heterogeneous Class Master Teachers/String Music Education Specialist


Student Teachers

Beginning Suzuki Violin/Viola class

Giselle Izaguirre - Teacher

Giselle Izaguirre is a violist at Texas State University where she is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Music Studies.  She was born and raised in Edinburg, Texas.  She is a vegetarian and has had 30+ pets since she was a baby.

Annie Archer - Assistant

Annie Archer is a violinist from San Antonio, Texas, majoring in Music Studies.  She likes the color green, and she plays tennis.


Beginning Suzuki Cello class

Chelsea Piel - Teacher

Chelsea Piel plays the cello and is a sophomore working towards a bachelor’s in Music Studies.  She is from Georgetown Texas, and in her free time she enjoys painting.

Caleb Churchman - Assistant

Caleb Churchman is a cellist from Tomball, Texas, majoring in Music Studies.  His favorite super hero is the Flash because he’s really strong and fast.   His favorite movie is Star Wars: The Empire Strikes back.  His favorite composer is Dvorak because he loves the way his music sounds.


Suzuki Violin/Viola Ensemble

Payton McIntyre - Teacher

Payton McIntyre is a violist from Austin, Texas, majoring in Music Education.  She sings in a band called the Ooey Gooeys and she hopes to see and experience as much of the world as she possibly can.  She loves music, animals, nature, and meeting new people.

Emmit Ghourley - Assistant

Emmit Ghourley is a violinist from Tomball, Texas, majoring in Performance.  His favorite color is blue, and his least favorite food is mashed potatoes.


Suzuki Cello Ensemble

Izayah Gomez - Teacher

Izayah Gomez is from Odessa, Texas, and is working towards a degree in Music Studies with a concentration in cello.  He love to traveling and going on road trips with his friends and family.

Daniel Cavazos - Assistant

Daniel Cavazos is a cellist from Georgetown, Texas majoring in Music Studies.  He has two dogs named Snooky and Lucy, and he loves to make bread.


Beginning Orchestra

Anna Trevino - Teacher

Anna is a senior Music Education major with a concentration in cello.  She is from San Antonio, TX, and when she is not playing cello, she enjoys doing yoga. 

Logan Thoeni - Teacher

Logan Thoeni is a double bassist from Cypress, Texas, and he is now in his 3rd year studying to become a public music director.  He wants to use his skills and abilities to better the lives of many others through music.  He owns a purple motorcycle and, though he has lived most of his life in Texas, he was born in Anchorage, Alaska.

Angel Raygoza - Assistant

Angel Raygoza is from Dallas, Texas and plays the violin as a Music Studies major at Texas State University.  She is a sophomore at TSU, and this is her first year in String Project, so she is really looking forward to teaching.


Maroon Orchestra

Julia Perez - Teacher

Julia Perez is a current Music Studies major at Texas State University with a concentration in Viola.  Julia teaches both class lessons, through Texas State University String Project, and private lessons.  When Julia is not in school she works at a string specialty shop in her home town of Houston, Texas, called Fishburn Violin Shop, where she has learned how to work on and maintain high quality instruments.  Julia’s other hobbies, outside of music, include Netflixing, spending time with her pets, and cooking.  Though primarily a violist, Julia also teaches violin and cello to a range of beginner - intermediate level students and has taught over 40+ students within the last few years.  As a musician, Julia loves performing with the Texas State Symphony Orchestra, the Texas State Chamber Orchestra, and several small chamber groups.  Julia is constantly seeking to improve herself as well as her students as musicians through hard work and dedication.  Julia’s greatest joy in life is seeing her students progress to become fine musicians and sparking the passion for music in people's hearts.

Claudia Ruiz - Assistant

Claudia Ruiz is a violinist from Houston, Texas, majoring in Music Studies.  She is also a first-year transfer student at Texas State's School of Music.  This is her first time participating in String Project, and she hopes to learn as much from her students as they do from her.  Claudia’s favorite cartoon series since childhood is Samurai Jack.  Her favorite genre of music is avant-garde jazz.  If she could learn any other instrument besides violin, it would be the bassoon.


Gold Orchestra

Greg Bowen - Teacher

Greg Bowen is a native Virginian who has travelled far from his Henrico County home to pursue his music education.  He attended workshops/camps in the Eastern U.S. and Canada before heading to the University of Iowa to study with Professor Christine Rutledge-Russell.  He gained valuable performance experience working with renowned violists such as Michael Kimber and Marcin Murawski before receiving his Bachelor of Music in Viola Performance in 2017.  Now in his second year at Texas State University, Greg is currently studying with Dr. Ames Asbell to earn his Master of Music degree in Performance and Pedagogy.  He plays in Aquareena Strings (Graduate Trio) and the Texas State Symphony Orchestra while serving as an administrative assistant and teacher for the Texas State String Project.  In his spare time, Greg enjoys traveling, reading science fiction and fantasy novels, and transcribing/orchestrating pieces from various game and theatrical soundtracks.  After focusing almost exclusively on performance during his undergraduate studies, Greg now hopes to refine his skills as an instructor and help to cultivate a love for music in students of all ages.

Azariah Reese - Teacher

Azariah Reese is a sophomore at Texas State University pursuing a Bachelor of Music in Music Education with an emphasis in strings.   He calls San Antonio, Texas home.  He played in the band and orchestra at Samuel Clemens High School.  His favorite past times are cooking, reading books, and making origami.


Observing/Floating Assistants

Mae Stevens - Observer

Mae Stevens is a violinist from Georgetown, Texas majoring in Music Studies at Texas State.  Her favorite food is popcorn, and she has been playing violin for 13 years.

Gabby Baez - Observer

Bio coming soon