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What to Bring

You’ll need a few necessities to go along with your love of music! No camp experience would be complete without the following:

-  Your instrument, bow and case.

-  Extra supplies: rosin, rockstop for cellists, shoulder rests, tuners, extra strings and music stand (be sure to clearly label your name).

Solo materials or etudes if you are taking private lessons.  All State etudes will be provided.

Sheets for a twin bed, pillow and case, blanket and comforter.

Towel(s) for showers and River Day.

Toiletries - soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothbrush/paste.

Shower Shoes: flip-flops work best!!

-  A jacket or sweater; the air conditioning in the dorms and Music Building can feel very cold on a hot summer day!

-  Comfortable walking shoes (not flip flops) and appropriate clothing for 8 days/7 nights

Swimsuit and RIVER SHOES (flip flops are acceptable) for our trip to the San Marcos River!

Dress attire for the Final Concert (Sunday best for girls, white dress shirt/dark slacks for boys)

-  Please bring a limited amount of spending money for the following optional items:

Camp Store – strings, rosin and other accessories will be available every day during individual practice time.

Vending Machines and Concessions at the dorms.

Dinner in San Marcos - campers will have the option to dine at local restaurants after we return from the river on Wednesday evening*

       *Cafeteria dinner is an alternate option for campers who do not wish to eat out.


Closet space is limited in the dorms.  Do not bring any electrical items for food preparation.


Use of electronics will not be allowed after Lights Out at10:00 pm.


Campers who bring cell phones are asked to turn them off during all rehearsals and classroom instruction.


Please do not bring controlled substances, including non-prescribed drugs or alcohol of any kind, cigarettes, weapons, or fireworks. These items are not permitted in the possession of Texas State String Camp participants.  Students found using or in the possession of controlled substances will be dismissed from Camp immediately; no fees will be refunded.


Texas State University prohibits the use of skateboards, roller skates, and roller blades on campus. 


Have questions that weren’t answered on this website? Feel free to contact us. We’re here to help!     


Texas State String Camp

Texas State University School of Music

601 University Drive

San Marcos, TX 78666