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Performing Arts Center Recital Hall Regulations

Applicant/Sponsors are required to read and agree to abide by the following specific rules regarding the use of of this facility.

Operations Manager: 

Kristin L. Vandenberg

512.245.6510 (O)  
850.274.6464 (C)

The Applicant/Sponsor of the event is responsible to ensure that all rules are followed.

School of Music recitals in the Recital Hall of the Performing Arts Center will function as follows:

  • The space will be booked through the School of Music who will approve the date, time and location of the event.
  • Once the recital is scheduled, the performer will need to contact the Operations Manager at the Performing Arts Center to verify set-up needs, instrumentation and to schedule a two-hour rehearsal block in the space, if so desired.
  • School of Music recitals scheduled in the hall will be given a two hour block – either 5:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. for a 6 p.m. event or 7:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. for an 8 p.m. performance.


  • Student recitals are entitled to one two-hour rehearsal in the Recital Hall and Faculty and Guest Artists may request two – two hour blocks of rehearsal time.
  • For performances requiring additional sound and/or video requirements, a one hour technical rehearsal during business hours is required prior to the event.
  • Rehearsals are requested and approved directly through the Operations Manager of the Performing Arts Center.


  • School of Music recitals may use any of the instrumentation available at the facility, pending availability.
  • All acoustic curtains will be set in a default position, and the only adjustment that may be made will be the position of the upstage curtain, which may be closed in order to soften the sound in the space.
  • One Steinway grand piano will be in place on the recital hall stage at all times, unless otherwise requested.
  • There will be one racks of 18 chairs, and one rack of 18 music stands available for use in the stage right wing.
  • It is expected that any equipment used will be returned to its stored space at the end of the scheduled reservation.

Any arrangements for audio recording of recitals must be arranged separately through the School of Music.


  • No staffing for non-ticketed events will be provided by the Performing Arts Center.
  • This means that the person reserving the hall must provide their own personnel to run any lighting, sound, or video cues or set changes as well as serve as front of house staff for directing patrons to the Recital Hall and distributing programs.

Technical Resources:

  • Up to six audio inputs may be used and can be run thru an auto-mix system, which means all microphones will be set to one level and all line inputs may be set to a separate volume.
  • The volume for this system is controlled in the stage left wing.
  • The video projector is available for use, if arranged in advance.
  • A computer must be provided to interface with the projector and must have either an HDMI output, Apple Thunderbolt output or a Dell video output.
  • If sound is required from the computer, in addition to video, that must be stated in advance.


  • Pre or post event receptions must be scheduled in advance and may not be permitted due to other events in the facility.
  • Any approved food and beverage events must take place in the lower lobby and it is the responsibility of the event host to make sure that all refreshments are confined to that area.
  • Two six foot long tables can be provided in the lower lobby upon request.
  • Receptions are requested and approved directly through the Operations Manager of the Performing Arts Center.