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Classes Available for non-Majors

MU 4354 – Business in Music: This lecture course prepares students and future musicians for a career in music. The course will discuss the various career options available to aspiring musicians and the paths to take to pursue these options. By the end of the course the musician/student will compile a personal business plan.

MU 3375 – History of Jazz, Pop and Rock: Jazz originated in America, free of European influence, and has been of great importance in the development of 20th Century music. This course is designed to allow students to: (1) learn the structure and history of jazz through readings and lecture; (2) understand the contribution of jazz to contemporary music and to their daily lives; (3) experience the chronological development of jazz through recordings and live performance.

MUSP 1121 – Vocal Techniques: Small group voice lessons preparing singers with production technique, musicality, breathing, and stage presence. (Offered every long semester.)

MUSP – Applied/Private lessons: These courses are available on space availability each semester. Contact Danton Bankay via email at to submit your request for applied lessons. You must include your previous experience on the instrument/voice, whether or not you can read music, and how many credit hours you wish to request (1 credit hr = 30 min/wk, 2 credit hrs = 1 hr/wk lessons).

Guitar Classes
MU 2310 – Guitar I: Introduction to Guitar
MU 3310 – Guitar II: Advanced guitar techniques in accompaniment, music reading & solo techniques.
MU 4310 – Guitar III: Techniques in Rock, Country, Blues.
MU 4312 – Guitar IV: Techniques in Rock, Country, Blues II.

Most ensembles require a placement audition.

Marching Band - FALL ONLY
Basketball Band - SPRING ONLY
Wind Symphony
Symphonic Winds
Concert Band

Latin Music Ensembles
Mariachi Nueva Generación
Mariachi Lince de Oro
Salsa del Rio
Orquesta del Rio

Jazz Bands
Jazz Ensemble
Jazz Orchestra
Jazz Lab Band
Jazz Combos

Symphony Orchestra

Women’s Choir
Men’s Choir
University Singers
Texas State Chorale

You may contact the Music Office, emailing, calling, or dropping by at:


Phone: 512.245.2651

Main Office: MUS 101