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Locker Request Form

Priority of locker assignments:

  1. Selected lockers have been reserved for storage of Music Studies instruments and will be assigned by the techniques course instructor(s) when instruments are issued to students enrolled in their courses.
  2. Music Majors who own instruments may request a locker the Monday that pre-season Marching Band begins.
  3. Non-music majors who participate in one of our instrumental ensembles may request a locker the week classes begin.
  4. Other music majors (ex. vocalists and pianists) may request a locker two weeks after classes begin.
  5. All students may request a secondary locker three weeks after classes begin.
Ensemble(s) Enrolled In (Check all that appy) *
Instrument(s)/Music to be stored in the Locker (Check all that apply). *

Total Dimensions of Instrument Case(s) Width x Height x Depth. Locker assignment will not be completed if this information is missing. A tape measure is available in the music office. You may also include the locker number you held previously to see if it or one similar is available (although not guaranteed).

I understand that I will be held accountable for the condition/security of my assigned locker. I will not deface it with attachments, scratches, writings or drawings of any kind. I understand that any damage caused by vandalism/pilferage of the locker or its contents will be my responsibility to replace/repair. Failure to comply with this locker policy could result in the loss of locker privileges and/or a hold on my university account until all financial obligations have been met. Lockers MUST be emptied by the last day of the spring semester or locks will be cut and items discarded. The Music Office is NOT responsible for unclaimed items.

I understand and agree to the policy above. *