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A Message from the Coordinator

Thank you for your interest in the music history area program!  We are delighted that you have decided to find out more about our outstanding program.  Our versatile faculty—with expertise in music in the United States, opera history, jazz, blues, Texas music and Latin American music—offers a broad range of undergraduate and graduate courses for music majors, music minors and non majors that cover standard western European music history periods, as well as specialized topics in music of the United States, Europe and Latin America.

The music history area currently offers three undergraduate music history courses (required for music majors), one at the lower level, and two at the upper level.  The master of music, with a concentration in music history, provides an excellent introduction to the field of musicology, expands students' grasp of music literature, and facilitates an academic bridge for those interested in the Ph.D. in musicology at other institutions. This degree plan provides students with foundational courses in musicology that allow those with specific research interests to pursue such interests, and to sharply prepare their profiles for entrance into Ph.D. programs.

Our dedicated faculty maintains the rigorous and nurturing environment for which the School of Music has become known.  With a low student-to-faculty ratio in our graduate seminars, we ensure ongoing one-on-one interactions between faculty and students, whose success is our priority!