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Hank Hehmsoth


As a performing artist, Hank has remarkably played over 10,000 international, national, state and regional area performances, from classical to jazz to pop/rock, as well as Broadway, concert tour music, nightclubs, and symphony.
He is a lifetime voting member for the GRAMMY© Awards. Hank teaches Composition and Jazz Piano, and is the Director of Computer Applications and WebMaster for the School of Music. 

“I am out to create a new, signature American sound, from a synthesis of contemporary art music, jazz, and world music, with a global approach and unique blend of influences, that gives my music a brand, its own distinctive place in the international scene. I wish to push my music in new directions, and continue focusing on socially engaged programming." 
"My Vision is a life of Continual Creation. Life can be lived as an Art Form with continual spontaneity of expression, inviting the participation of the creation of others with the freedom of choice to play or not to play."
Hank's students play piano, bass, sax, flute, guitar, and have won awards and scholarships including Berklee School and the Patti Strickel Harrison Scholarship. Composition students learn commercial arranging and contemporary techniques in jazz. His studio includes international students from Serbia, China, South Korea, and South America.

Recent student comments:

"I have very much enjoyed my time studying with you during my masters program. I came in confident of my abilities as a jazz musician and composer, but you've helped me further solidify them, as well as teach me aspects that I was weaker in or had not considered yet. My understanding of jazz harmony and composition has grown significantly since our first lesson, and I will always value my time under your tutelage. Thank you for believing in me and for challenging me to be a better composer/orchestrator and musician."

"...the best teacher I have had throughout all of my degrees. His work ethic is tremendous. I have recommended him to the best students I know. He continually gave more time than was required in our meetings, and was never in a hurry to end the lesson."

"...He's very knowledgeable and seems to like what he does. That quality is hard to read in others."

"...This is the most fun class in the School of Music."

"Thanks again for the awesome class. Seriously, this is the most useful stuff I've encountered in my education thus far."


"Hank is different from the traditional composer because he's a working jazz man. He brings that "player's" perspective to what he writes whether it's a jazz work or classical work …some of the best jazz you'll hear around here, or anywhere else, for that matter."
John Bustin - Austin American Statesman

"... very loose and open to possibilities, he takes it to another level, writing, playing, his compositions continue to evolve and grow. I had a chance to play with Hank and hear some of his compositions as well. A very fine musician, indeed! He demonstrates a strong sense of originality and compositional craft."
Bob Mintzer - jazz saxophonist, composer - Yellowjackets 


Fulbright Senior Specialist
American Jazz - Santiago, Chile

MacD   Visit Hank's MacDowell Fellowship at
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Hank is founder/chairperson of 

H Project Performing Arts Association


HPPAA is a non-profit organization based in Austin/San Marcos. The mission of H Project is to continually refresh and envision the contemporary, jazz, and world music experience. H Project fulfills its mission through commissioning, performing, presenting, recording and publishing contemporary music, and collaborating with, mentoring and encouraging other artists.

Listen to Hank's interview with the Fulbright Program
on his travels and work in Santiago, Chile

HH Fulbright Interview


Interview: "Planeta ProJazz" Magazine


2018 Concert with Jim Walker
Principal Flute - LA Philharmonic

 1986 legendary Joe Henderson concert
Antone's, Austin, TX

 Recent Students

David Mesquitic

David Mesquitic M.M. Jazz Piano 2017


Download 2 Herbie Hancock transcriptions


Funny Valentine


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Article: "Hillviews Magazine"

Hank is pianist with the Grammy© nominated jazz group Times Ten

"The world is a continual emerging mystery of thought, visions, and sensations that you can view with fresh open eyes."
Pathways is where you'll find many and varied writings of Hank Hehmsoth, from opinions, to articles and videos from related topics, and last but not least, his music. Hank frequently gives performance/lectures and talks in Texas as well as the rest of the country. If you are a creative composer or music professor and are interested in Hank teaching a master class on improvisation, composition, and related topics, such as jazz piano and harmony, at your college or university, contact him directly.