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Graduate Auditions

How Do I Audition?

STEP 1.  Read through the degree programs on this site to determine the program that interests you.

STEP 2.  Follow the Graduate College Admission Checklist - please refer to this list often throughout your application and audition process. 

STEP 3.  Click here to access the Slideroom online Audition Application Form.

Entering Masters Candidates

If granted a live audition following your pre-screening submission in Slideroom, your live audition will consist of the following:

SIX MEMORIZED SELECTIONS.  These songs should represent major contrasting style periods and languages (English, Italian/Latin, German, French).  You will choose and sing one piece; the faculty may choose to hear more at their discretion.  You will also be asked to perform a monologue of no more than one minute in length, from a time period no earlier than 1900.  You may also be asked to do some exercises in pitch-matching, range, etc., also at the faculty's discretion.  An accompanist will be provided. Students must provide the accompanist with the music for all pieces in the proper keys.

Please bring to the audition: 11 word-processed copies of the list of the repertoire you have prepared for the audition.  If you did not upload a résumé to your Slideroom profile, please also bring 11 copies of that.