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Music Building Safety

Emergency Preparedness

Elements of Emergency Preparedness
An emergency consists of any situation that poses immediate and extreme danger to people, property, or process. Because most emergencies are sudden, severe, and unexpected, it is extremely important to be prepared for a possible emergency. Proper preparation helps ensure safety and survival.

The School of Music website contains information for emergency response and an action plan for handling emergencies.

The School of Music has a response plan that includes the following information:

1. Method for reporting emergencies 9. Standard Response Protocol
2. Procedure for sounding alarms 10. Emergency escape procedures and escape route assignments
(see map below)
3. Sign Up for TXState Alerts 11. Locations of Fire Alarm Pull Stations and Fire Extinguishers
(see map below)
4. Active Shooter 12. Disruptive Individual
5. Hostage Situation 13. Bomb Threats
6. Tornado 14. Use of Fire Extinguisher
7. Emergency Call Box 15. Emergency procedures for employees, students, and guests with special needs
8. Rescue and medical assistance requirements 16. Provision for training emergency procedures

Safety Coordinators

contact for more information:
Hank Hehmsoth 512.245.8573

Danton Bankay - 512.245.3375

Mark Blair - 512.245.9661

*contact the police in case of emergencies* 

In the event of an emergency, call 911 for ambulance, fire or police.

512.245.2890 (8 a.m.  -  5 p.m.)
and 512.245.2805 (all other hours)

512.245.2208 (8 a.m.  -  5 p.m.)
and 1.877.466.0660 (all other hours)

512.245.7233 (24 hours)

Below are detailed maps of the 1st and 2nd floor of the Music Building. Note your room number, location of Emergency Fire Pull Stations, Fire Extinguishers, and nearest Evacuation Route:

First Floor Diagram:

MUS BLD 1st Floor
MUS BLD 1st Floor

2nd Floor Diagram:

MUS BLD 2nd Floor
MUS BLD 2nd FLoor