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Degree Plan: Bachelor of Science: Sound Recording Technology



Minimum required: 120 semester hours


General Requirements (46 hours)

General education core curriculum components must be completed.  These requirements can be found in the Core Curriculum section of the Undergraduate Catalog. Note, the SRT program has specific General Education Core Curriculum Requirements in math and science. They must take:
MATH Component: Pre-Calculus (MATH 2417)
SCIENCE Component: General Physics I and II (PHYS 1315/1115, 1325/1125)


A. Music Core Requirements (29 hours)
Aural Learning I-III (MU 1210, MU 1212, MU 2260)
Music Theory I-III (MU 1211, MU 1213, MU 2261)
Survey of Music Literature (MU 2303)
Piano Techniques I &  II (MUSP 1135, 1136)
                                                                                          MUSP Applied Lessons (two hours each) – four semesters                                                                        MUSE Music Ensemble (one hour each) – four semesters


B. Sound Recording Technology Requirements (30 hours)
Recording Practicum I-VIII (MU 1180, 1182, 2180, 2182, 3180, 3182, 4180, 4182)
Recording Industry Operations I and II (MU 3381, MU 3382)
Audio Technology: Microphones and Mixing Techniques (MU 3383)
Audio Recording Techniques (MU 3384)
Advanced Audio Recording Techniques (MU 4385)
MIDI I-IV (MUSP 2191, 2192, 3191, 3192)
Internship (MU 4386)

C. Support Courses and Minor in Technology courses (15 hours)
Musical Acoustics (PHYS 3301)
Electricity/Electronics Fundamentals (TECH 2370)
Audio Frequency Communications (TECH 3370)
Electronic Instrumentation (TECH 4372)
Digital Electronics (TECH 4374)

Special Degree Requirements
Upper Level Committee Review
Senior Portfolio