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Undergraduate Admission & Audition Information

Undergraduate Admission Information

  • Admission to the School of Music is contingent on admission to the University via the ApplyTexas application. Select pre-Music or pre-SRT on the ApplyTexas Application as the desired degree plan.
  • In addition to meeting University admission criteria, students intending to major in music must audition on their principal instrument or voice part. Auditions are held periodically throughout the year. All audition dates occur on Saturdays.
  • Any prospective music student who is unable to audition in person due to geographic distance from Texas State may submit an audio or DVD recording of the required repertoire for their instrument or voice, representative of their performing abilities (see below).
  • Admission will be based upon the audition and the available space in each studio. A successful audition does not automatically ensure acceptance to the University or the School of Music.
  • Prospective music majors will not be permitted to enroll in applied music and other music majors classes until acceptance is granted via a performance audition.

Audition Requirements by Performance Area


Classical Based Degree Plans (including SRT)

  • Must sing/play the required audition materials (see below) for a faculty committee based on their vocal part/instrumental area
    • Vocalists must submit a pre-screen video online one month prior to the audition date selected. A response on whether or not an in-person audition has been approved will be sent through SlideRoom 2 weeks before the audition date selected.
    • Students interested in SRT must submit a pre-screen pack by the date indicated on the SRT website to be considered for an audition.
  • Must complete the aural diagnostic
  • Potential SRT students must complete an interview with a member of the SRT faculty either before or after their audition occurs.


Jazz Based BM-Performance Degree Plan Only

  • Must play the required audition materials (see below) for the jazz faculty committee
  • Must complete the aural diagnostic


Mariachi Based BM-Music Studies, Choral Concentration Degree Plan Only

  • Must sing and play the required audition materials (see Vocalist - Freshmen - Mariachi below) for the Latin Music Studies faculty committee
  • Must complete the aural diagnostic


If you have specific repertoire questions that are not answered by the information below, we encourage you to contact the/one of the applied lesson faculty members for your instrument/voice part. 

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