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Undergraduate Admissions Checklist

Step 1: Complete the Texas State University Undergraduate Admission Application


Step 2: Submit a School of Music Audition Request Form

    • Application requires a resume upload (template available on the website above). If using a previously existing resume, it must include:
      • Full name (including middle name or initial), postal address, phone number and primary email address. Note, a correct email address is very important as this is where all information pertaining to the audition as well as the audition results are sent.
      • Name & address of current school
      • Name & phone number of band/choir/orchestra director(s) (if applicable)
      • Name & phone number of private lessons teacher(s) on auditioning/primary instrument or voice
      • Number of years of piano lessons (if any and if piano is not the auditioning/primary instrument)
      • Honors & Awards, including, but not limited to: number of years in all region and/or all state ensembles; number of years of region and/or state solo competitions including highest rating received (if any)
      • Work/Volunteer & Musical Performance experience (if any)
  • Enter the names and email addresses of at least two people (one music and one non-music) who are willing to write a letter of recommendation. They will be contacted by email and asked to submit their letter electronically to the applicant’s online application.
  • Deadlines for receipt of Online Audition Request and all required documents are:
  • Sound Recording Technology applicants: 4 weeks prior to audition date selected. Visit the SRT website for the exact deadline.
  • All other Music applicants: 1 week prior to the audition date selected.


Step 3: Audition Preparation

  • Choose music based on the instrument/voice type selected on the application (classical or jazz) and level (freshman/transfer) if applicable on the Undergraduate Audition Repertoire link.


Step 4: Audition Day

  • Registration 8:00am ­ 9:00am (those who register first, audition first)
  • Auditions begin at 9:15am
  • Aural Diagnostic (see music website for details)


NOTE: In person auditions are preferred, however, prospective music students who are unable to audition in person due to geographic distance from campus (out of state/country) may attach a recorded audition that represents the students best performing abilities via the Audition Request Form (under the media tab).


Step 5: Acceptance to Texas State & the School of Music

Texas State Acceptance

  • The acceptance process can take up to 6 weeks
  • Residence Life will send application after acceptance
  • Orientation packets are sent in early May
  • Orientation website -­­ check for useful info
  • Each student will meet with the Undergraduate Music Advisor during orientation to determine class schedule.
  • Students will register for classes during orientation

School of Music Acceptance

  • Acceptance to the School of Music is contingent upon admission to the University. NOTE: If you have not already been accepted to Texas State or who have not even applied, audition results will be delayed.
  • Refer to University Admissions policies for admissions requirements.
  • Results will be sent via email within two weeks of auditioning with one of three results: “accepted”, “not accepted”, or “pending”. If a “pending” status is given, the student is on a waiting list until a more definite decision can be made. They will be notified when their status has been finalized to either “accepted” or “not accepted”.
  • If an acceptance letter is received, it must be returned to confirm intention of attending Texas State.
  • Students will be asked to indicate on their signed acceptance letter, their top 3 applied lesson faculty choices for areas with multiple instructors.
  • Attend summer orientation (see above)



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