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Dr. Ludim Pedroza

Hank HehmsothClass Piano & Multicultural/Latin Music program

Ludim Rebeca Pedroza was appointed in March of 2011 to contribute her outstanding expertise to the School of Music’s vibrant, growing Multicultural/Latin Music program. Starting in the fall, Dr. Pedroza will teach courses in music history and literature, specializing in Latin American music, and piano techniques.  A native of Venezuela, she studied piano at the conservatory Vicente Emilio Sojo in the city of Barquisimeto from age 6 until her graduation from high school.  She earned B.A. and M.A. degrees in music from Antillean College (Puerto Rico) and West Texas A&M University, and a Ph.D. in Fine Arts from Texas Tech University, where she held teaching assistant positions in both the School of Music and the Philosophy department. Prior to her arrival at Texas State University, for eight years she taught music history, world music, and keyboard skills at the University of the Incarnate Word.


Dr. Pedroza’s research focuses on the philosophy and cultural anthropology of performance, specifically in relation to both piano performance and Latin American hybrid genres; among her publications and presentations are “Music as Communitas: Franz Liszt, Clara Schumann, and the Musical Work” (Journal of Musicological Research 29/4), “Folk Dance in the Latin American Art Tradition: An Overview of the Venezuelan Joropo at the Piano” (CMS National 2008), and “Priestess at the Piano: The Mind/Body Conflict in Clara Schumann’s Performative Persona” (Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities 2007). 


Her occasional piano performances gravitate towards the exploration of non-canonical repertoire in historical and aesthetic relation to standard repertoire.   Recent performances have concentrated on Latin American works by Osvaldo Lacerda, José Clemente Laya, Moisés Moleiro, and Juan Vicente Lecuna.