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  • The School of Music is committed to excellence in music teaching and learning for all students at Texas State.
  • As a unit within Texas State, we provide a liberal education with emphasis on cultural values by offering special course work in the arts and humanities.
  • The School of Music offers thorough preparation for careers in music, music education and sound recording.
  • In addition, it provides opportunities for all university students to develop musical skills and cultural understanding.
  • The School also serves as an outstanding cultural resource for the university and San Marcos communities.
  • Music graduates with teacher certification work as band directors, choir directors, orchestra directors, or general music teachers.
  • Music Performance and Jazz Studies graduates perform, establish their own teaching studios, attend graduate school, or use their music degree as a foundation for their careers.
  • Sound recording graduates work as sound recording engineers, producers, and technicians in the recording and entertainment industries.
  • Bachelor of Arts graduates work in arts administration, musicology, librarianship, music therapy, and other music-related fields such as law, management, and sales.
  • The choices of profession for a student completing a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Music are numerous.