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M.M. Music Education Degree Plan

M.M. – Music Education

Concentration in Choral, Instrumental, and General Music Education

NOTE: Students who score less than 70% on the music theory placement test will take MU 5357 Graduate Music Theory and Musicianship. Students who score less than 70% on the music history placement test will take MU 5330A History and Analysis in Music in addition to the degree requirements listed below.

Core Studies (12 credits)

• MU 5334 Introduction to Graduate Studies in Music
• 2 Music Literature courses (choose from MU 5310, MU 5314, MU 5315, MU 5320, MU 5340, MU 5360, MU 5375)
• MU 5350 Musical Styles


Major Field (12 credits)

• MU 5329 Psychology of Music
• MU 5325 Research in Music Education I
• MU 5328 Foundations of Music Education
• MUSP 5337 Advanced Conducting


Electives (12 credits)

Music Education Elective (3-6 credits)
• MU 5355 Pedagogy of Music Theory and Comprehensive Musicianship
• MU 5365 Computing in Music
• MU 5326 Research in Music Education II

Techniques Electives (6-9 credits)

• MU 5322 Instrumental Techniques and Materials (Instrumental concentration)
• MU 5323 Vocal Music Education Methods (Choral concentration)
• Independent Study MU 5317 or MU 5313 (General Music concentration)
• MU 5353 Ensemble Rehearsal Techniques
• 3 credits of applied performance lessons [various course numbers]
36 Credit Hours Total
Comprehensive Oral Exam
Music Education Project
*Students are required to submit a Music Education Project while enrolled in either MU 5326 Research in Music Education II (recommended) or another 3-credit course as approved by the MUED faculty.
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