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Upper Level Competency Review - Frequently Asked Questions




When am I reviewed for the Upper Level Competency Review (ULCR)?

At the end of your 4th semester of being a music major (SRT students is at the end of the 4th semester as an SRT major). Transfer students who have completed 4 semesters comparable (lessons/ensembles/theory) music coursework will be reviewed at the end of your first semester at Texas State.  See your Music Academic Advisor for the exact semester you will go through the review process.


Who reviews me for my ULCR?

There are 6 committees comprised of faculty and staff members:
Music Studies – Instrumental (band and orchestra)
Music Studies – Choral
Classical Performance – All instruments & voice
Jazz Performance – All instruments
Sound Recording Technology
Bachelor of Arts
The committee sends its result recommendations to the Director of the School of Music who notifies you of the results via a signed PDF attachment on an email sent from Krystyn Jensen.


Can I postpone my ULCR?

No. However, please consult with your music academic advisor if you feel you have extenuating circumstances. They will work with the School of Music to determine what, if anything, can be done. Note, if you do not attempt the ULCR and no prior consent was given to do so, that failure to attempt will be considered your first attempt and you will be automatically deferred.


Can my private lessons teacher postpone my ULCR?



What is an Upper Level (UL) Performance Jury?

An extended jury that determines the student’s ability to advance to junior-level applied lessons, or completion of the required number of lesson in the BA & SRT degrees.  

  • I’m a transfer student with 4 semesters of applied lessons, do I need to do an UL Performance Jury?
    • Yes, you must take one additional semester (first semester at Texas State) of applied lessons with our faculty and complete an UL performance jury at the semester.


I need to be reviewed this semester. What do I do?

Contact the faculty members in your major area at the beginning of the semester to determine what is expected of you for your ULCR.

Ask your applied lesson teacher for your instrument/voice areas UL Performance Jury requirements.

Complete the ULCR form and other required paperwork as determined by your area when emailed by Krystyn Jensen and submit it to her by the deadline given for your specific area.


What is a “major" ensemble?

An specific ensemble(s) that is required of your major. For example, you are enrolled in Marching Band and Jazz Band. If you are a Music Education major, Marching Band is the major ensemble (in your Freshman year only). However, if you are a Performance major in Jazz, Jazz Band is the major ensemble. NOTE: Only one major ensemble counts towards your degree each semester.


What if I don’t meet one or more of the required components?

You may receive a “Deferral” for that semester and may not be allowed to continue into Junior level (3000) classes. Once you receive your results letter, you may need to see your music academic advisor to re-work your next semester's schedule and graduation plan.


What if I’m enrolled in theory/aural III or piano in my ULCR semester?

The results of all ULCR's are not determined until grades are posted by the University. If you do not pass all requirement(s) of the ULCR, you may receive a “Deferral” as your result. Once you receive your results letter, you may need to see your music academic advisor to re-work your next semester's schedule and graduation plan.


What if I get off track (e.g. I don’t pass my piano proficiency or I’m only in Theory II)?

Please see your music academic advisor every semester to decrease this likelihood, however, you may still receive a "Deferral" letter. Then, once you receive your results letter, you will need to see your music academic advisor to re-work your next semester's schedule and graduation plan.


I’m a transfer student & we didn’t have Departmental Recital at my institution, what do I do?

Many institutions have a similar recital component. If you previously completed 3 semesters of recital attendance, or private lessons, normally that is sufficient for this requirement. If you did not have a recital attendance requirement at your institution, you must inform the reviewing committee.


What if I do not pass the UL Performance Jury, but I pass all other ULCR components?

You may be allowed to enroll in some 3000-level courses within your major, but you will have to repeat your 2000-level applied lessons and re-do your UL Performance Jury at the end of the next long semester.


What if I pass the UL Performance Jury but not the rest of the ULCR?

You will not be allowed to enroll in 3000-level courses within your major; however, you may be allowed to enroll in 3000-level applied lessons.