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Graduate Degree Programs

The School of Music offers graduate work leading to the Master of Music degree in the following fields:
  • music education
  • performance
  • conducting
  • music theory
  • composition
  • music history and literature

 Master of Music-Music Education and Master of Music are both 36-hour programs with a core of 24 semester hours plus an additional 12 semester hours of support classes within one of the emphases listed below.
In addition, opportunities are provided for independent study with professors in their areas of specialization.


Master of Music-Music Education
Master of Music

All four of the emphases under the major, Master of Music-Music Education, require final research projects.

The Kodály Pedagogy graduate program, approved by the Organization of American Kodály Education (OAKE), leads to certification.

The remaining eight emphases fall under the Master of Music major. A final graduate recital is presented for the performance specialization as well as for both the choral and instrumental conducting areas. A thesis for the history and literature curriculum is not obligatory, but remains an option for the candidate upon consultation with the Coordinator of Graduate Studies in Music. If a thesis is not elected six hours must then be dedicated to a final project to be composed of research papers. The composition specialty entails the development of a portfolio of original scores including solo and chamber pieces; however, a major original work must be submitted with an accompanying critical analysis to make up the requisite final project.

Comprehensive Examination

All candidates within the graduate music program must pass a comprehensive oral (viva voce) examination. The students will be given a maximum of two attempts in order to pass this examination before being eligible for graduation. Candidates who fail to pass the comprehensive oral examination upon the first try may appeal for re-examination, the times and dates of which must be approved by the candidate’s Comprehensive Examination Committee.