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How to Apply

Full application instructions can be found in the sidebar under How to Apply.

Priority deadline for portfolio submission is January 15 of each year. Submitting by January 15 will ensure that your application is fully considered for scholarships and graduate assistantships. Applications will be considered until the university deadline as space allows.

A portfolio submission is required for your application to be considered. After the portfolio is reviewed, the composition faculty will contact you to set up an interview in person or over the phone.

Graduate Applicants:

To apply for the Master of Music in Composition, applicants should submit a portfolio of 2-3 scores of original music as PDFs with corresponding recordings (if available).
One additional work without a notated score (electronic music, non-notated music, film scores) will be considered as a complement to notated scores. Please include a short description of the work as context for faculty members reviewing you portfolio.

Undergraduate Applicants:

Students interested in studying composition for their Bachelor's degree have the option of applying to the Bachelor of Music Performance program or Bachelor of Arts in Music.

In either case, students pursuing an undergraduate degree will need to audition for an instrumental or vocal program as well. Please contact Dr. Michael Ippolito regarding details of the composition program for undergraduates.

For any questions regarding composition studies at Texas State University, please contact Dr. Michael Ippolito (